What we do

Green Grass Evaluations is a company created for one purpose, and that purpose is to evaluate and collect data on all things golf equipment. We use state of the art Trackman and Flightscope Doppler radar launch monitors under controlled conditions, each club perfectly spec'd to match all others in the test process. We are meticulous in making sure that there is only one variable in our testing, and that is the specific component of the golf club being evaluated, be that head or shaft. We also use only Tour level, real golf balls in our testing, which are rotated out after any blemish or 50 strikes. Green Grass also provides weather reports for the day of testing, and will postpone testing under all unfavorable weather conditions.

Who does the testing?

We have a hitting staff of 45 players of varying swing speeds and swing profiles available to test any product. Our test staff ranges from a high handicap of 5 to more than a dozen plus handicap players, including PGA professionals. Swing speeds vary from 100 to 128 mph to equip us to provide feedback exactly under the conditions requested by our customers.

Who uses our services?

We work with numerous OEM's, both domestic and abroad, in both evaluating their products, as well as competitor products, in direct comparison testing. We work to provide the feedback that helps OEM's to perfect the next generation of product. We do extensive prototype evaluation and provide not only data, but comprehensive written feedback reports from each and every participant from our panel. We also work with news and media outlets to provide accurate and independent data for publication to their followers.

How secure is this testing?

Green Grass Evaluations keeps all of our test dates and test facilities private. No outside influences are welcome or allowed to view or participate in any way. Hard data collected at our testing centers is strictly confidential and the property of the customer. Your data will NEVER be used or shared as comparison data to other companies. Each company must provide all components to be used in their testing and evaluation process.

How do you submit product for testing and how much does it cost?

Please contact our testing manager Keith for a detailed breakdown of costs and where to send product. Each request is personalized and pricing will be tailored to your specific needs.


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